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ANYONE who can concentrate can be hypnotized. Twenty percent of the general population of the world can be hypnotized as deeply as possible. While all that is needed for behavior change is the lightest stage of hypnosis, the show features deeper participation for hallucination and big fun. Just ask any of the volunteer participants. Laura’s show is appropriate entertainment for all audiences and can be specifically tailored to the composition of any group. Volunteers are treated with respect and given suggestions for personal improvement, such as added confidence, throughout the show. Hypnotized volunteers speak wacky languages, dance about, make friends with invisible animals, as well as many other surprises. Laura brings out the creativity of each volunteer with her quick-witted improvisation.

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LAUGH as your friends and co-workers are HYPNTIZED to dance, sing and speak funny languages. "The Laura Amoroso Hypnosis Show" is a Professional Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show pleasing clients since 1994.  Amoroso's Hypnosis Show is known for the truly positive energy, the professionalism, the respect of VOLUNTEERS, the props, the sound effects, the improv antics, fun skits and most of all the entertainment value. The show goes way beyond seeing people sleep in a chair. Find out why corporations, colleges, schools, and party event planners have Laura back again and again.

Laura has years of experience and goes the extra mile treating your clients and their guests with the respect they deserve as part of a professional corporate group. She works diligently to provide you with the first class service you can count on. Laura has hypnotized over 20,000 people and is an expert in both stage and clinical hypnosis and teaches doctors, nurses and lay people.

1) Your audience will laugh wildly
2) Your audience will be involved and participating
3) Your audience will be amazed and entertained
4) You will get rave reviews
5) You will be providing a new, novel program for your audience
6) You will have no worries – Laura Amoroso is an experienced professional

Amoroso Hypnotist - Atlantic City

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